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In the petroleum extraction, oilwell paraffin removal technique has been one of the challenges all the time. Currently well cleanup with hot water is still the main method of the paraffin removal in use.
But there are still many problems such as bulky equipments, complicated technology, high demanding conditions, and high cost. Moreover, the pollution of the oil layer caused by it severely influences the petroleum extraction. So the paraffin removal technique without hot water flushing process has become the task to be solved urgently.

The mechanic AOPC is just the equipment developed by the patent inventor of our company, which can bring the paraffin removal technique without hot water flushing process into reality.
The shuttle-like paraffin cleaner consists of some main components such as the stepping reed, knife-equipped body, the commutating tooth, and etc. Cooperating with the lower commutator equipped on the paraffining section of the oil pipe, it runs in this section back and forth to perform the paraffin removal work. With commutating tooth fixed in the circle groove, the cylinder-shaped knife-equipped body has knife edges respectively on both sides. The board-like stepping reed is equipped between the knife edges. The paraffin cleaner is equipped on the oil plug. Clamping the oil plug tightly, the stepping reed transfers the stroke drive and makes the paraffin cleaner run in one way, while the knife edges scratch off the deposit on the internal wall of the oil pipe at the same time. Tilting to one side, the commutating tooth can clamp the pipe wall and force the paraffin cleaner to run in one way. Then the reverse stroke of the oil plug slides in the stepping reed and cleans up the deposit on the oil plug. When the paraffin cleaner moves into the commutator step by step, the commutator tilts the trend, making the paraffin cleaner move backward and continuously do the removal work in cycles. There is another device called safety joint, which is installed on the oil pipe under the lower commutator. It has a absorbing cavity composed by ferromagnetic blocks, which can prevent the chippings caused by attrition and the magnetic articles in the steel family from falling into the pump, and therefore prolongs the oil pump’s working life. When the liquid in the well flows through the strong magnetic field, this device can also improve its physical property so as to be of great advantage to the oil production.


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